Your benefits

  Many benefits still await you! – Fast and free delivery – Available at any time of the day by phone or email. One single contact. – Ordering can be done  by e-mail, fax or phone – Return of goods within 15 days if there was an error in your order – Return of empty toners – Troubleshooting emergency – Over  40,000 items and material of quality – Pay within 30 days   Various additional services are available – We manage your stock and/or store your equipment – We supply you with various products (drinks, coffee, cleaning supplies, etc …) – Various on-demand services (editing, assembling furniture, miscellaneous repairs, installation of picture frames, Christmas tree orders, decorations … etc.). – Yearly statistics of your purchases – Automatic Command File (Excel)   ExtrasPromotional items, pens, memory sticks, notepads, etc …  Can be printed with text and/or logo. – Disposable tableware Business cards, flyers